Kenalog Hay Fever Injection


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Kenalog Hay Fever Injection

Kenalog Hayfever Injection

Severe hay fever is an unpleasant allergic condition that can be a real problem for extreme sufferers, especially in certain parts of the UK where the allergen count tends to be high – whether it is flower pollen (such as rapeseed) or tree pollen (such as silver birch). Apparently, there are 3 billion trees in the UK, that’s 47 for every Briton. Treatment for severe hay fever is with a corticosteroid injection similar to the treatment given for joint problems and inflammatory conditions such as tennis elbow and frozen shoulder.

Like all injections and treatments, a thorough risk assessment is undertaken by our doctors and nurses to consider the person’s suitability for treatment but for those that are good candidates, the relief of the symptoms can be dramatically superior to taking oral anti-histamine tablets or nasal sprays and eye drops.

This medication administered when hay fever symptoms first appear can give symptom remission that lasts for the duration of the entire pollen or allergen season (usually three months).

The dose required to control severe symptoms is partly related to body weight, and heavier subjects will require a larger dose to ease their symptoms. We have found that the therapeutic dose for most effective relief is 1mg per kg of body weight, therefore our standard doses administered are 40mg-80mg per patient per season.

The overwhelming feedback from patients in terms of response, control of symptoms and improvement in the quality of life is very positive.

It is given in the top of the buttock and starts working almost immediately and typically ‘kicks in’ anywhere from one to forty-eight hours after administration.

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