Fast and Convenient Travel Vaccinations in Leeds

The world is growing ever smaller now that global travel is open and affordable to so many of us, and an increasing number of people are able to bask in different cultures and adventures throughout the world. Sharing these experiences can be wonderful, but when it comes to exotic diseases that may be contracted whilst overseas, sharing is most certainly not caring. It is vitally important that anybody set to travel protects himself or herself appropriately, and if you are looking for travel vaccines in Leeds, the Regent Street Travel ClinicTM has you covered.

One of the biggest challenges to face frequent flyers is simply finding the time to get vaccinated. Any frequent jetsetter that spends their time hopping on and off aeroplanes may wonder how they can be expected to squeeze in consultations with a physician and follow-up appointments, especially when it’s hard to keep on track of which city or country they are even in. The Regent Street Travel ClinicTM understands this, which is why anybody requiring travel vaccinations in Leeds will not need to schedule an appointment; the clinic operates a drop-in service and keeps all essential vaccines in stock, meaning that you will not leave the Regent Street Travel ClinicTM unprotected.

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The way the Regent Street Travel ClinicTM works is very simple. Drop into our location at 4 Park Square East in the Leeds city centre – remember, there is no need to call ahead and book an appointment – and explain to our team what your travel plans are. One of our professional team of healthcare professionals, many of whom trained at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow, will then provide you with a full consultation and confirm which vaccinations are required before you leave Leeds.

Our team are only interested in your safety, not the contents of your wallet – you will never be upsold or encouraged to purchase travel vaccinations that are not required for your trip. Our team are all frequent travellers themselves with a full working knowledge of which territories will require different precautions, and will also have access to your medical history, ensuring that any allergies or pre-existing conditions will be taken into consideration before recommendations are made.

Perhaps most importantly, anybody seeking a travel vaccine in the Leeds branch of the Regent Street Travel ClinicTM will leave with just that – everything is kept in-stock at all times, ensuring that no client will be sent away and asked to return for a future appointment. Regardless of whether you are seeking immunisation against typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, diphtheria or anything else, the Regent Street Travel ClinicTM will ensure that you receive what you need on the day – all for extremely reasonable prices, which begin at just £32. Anybody that has faced the horrors of an overseas medical bill will be aware of just how important vaccination can be. The Regent Street Travel ClinicTM will also provide full documentation and evidence of your immunisation status, which is a legal requirement for entry into some countries. Additional copies are also available for a small charge.

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Travel plans are not always made in advance, and the idea of seeking travel vaccinations in Leeds may feel a little daunting if a business flight is thrust upon you at short notice. With the assistance of the Regent Street Travel ClinicTM, you can rest assured that you will be fully covered at a low, low cost – and remember, there is no appointment necessary. Drop in at your first convenience and experience this for yourself.